Sunday, October 6, 2013

Getting it Started

Day 1: 25$ between two checking accounts, a recent NSF and lots of debts to explore over time.

To misquote Jacob (and Bob) Marley: Debt is the chain that binds me. Binds me to decisions that I made a long time ago, binds me to certain choices that I haven't even been presented with yet, and binds me to situations like living, transport, and employment.

Prefix: I like my job, and 95% of the time, I don't even know the chain is there.

But, once every so often, I decide that I'd like to see what's out there and I realize, I can't last 30 days without a regular source of income without having to really explain myself to a bank/student loan officer/my parents, what's going on and when I can catch up. It's not a good place.

I've got a few stupid bills (e.g. tuition outstanding from grad degree... they're holding the diploma and transcripts) and some smart ones (low interest student line of credit, as opposed to high interest student loans), but no matter what they are, my debts need to go.

I'm going to 1) begin the process of breaking the cycle of living in the red, and 2) bet what I can on getting everything into the black ASAP.

This blog will tell the story of two millennials who are working to fix past mistakes, earn their time and life back and get everything back on track.

Next up, a review of my first budgeting tool (YNAB).

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